10 Random Things About Me

Random Thing #1: I don't like wine.I’m new to the blog world and thought this would be the easiest way for you to learn a little more about me. If you would rather chat over scones and coffee, I’m available Thursday mornings, blueberry is my favorite, and I prefer decaf.


1. I don’t like wine. I’ve tried. I really have. It seems so grown up and sophisticated but I don’t like the taste. And it gives me a headache every time. I prefer vodka with tonic. Or with cranberry juice. Or with Cheerios. I like vodka.

2. I grew up on a farm. Cows, chickens, pigs, tractors, combines . . . the whole thing.

3. I like cats and have two living in my home. This is a little embarrassing. Where I grew up cats belonged in the barn, never in the house.

4. I struggle with panic attacks. It’s a long story. Maybe another day.

5. I think I have fat knees.

6. I have the coolest initials ever: AZ.

7. I’m addicted to garage sales/trash-to-treasure projects. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some of them soon.

8. I used to teach aerobics at the YMCA.

9. I use an e-reader. I resisted as long as I could but it’s just so convenient. I still read real books, too.

10. I love, love, love to make people laugh.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me something about yourself. Seriously, if we’re going to keep meeting like this we should get to know each other better.

13 thoughts on “10 Random Things About Me

  1. #1. I like wine, but I am with you on the headaches, so it is pretty much a no-go for me. In college and my 20s vodka was also my drink of choice. While I still enjoy vodka, I am now more into yum -oops! – I mean RUM 🙂
    2. no farm, but same house all 34 years of my life
    3. Down to 2 dogs and a husband. (used to have one more dog and a cat) cats are cool, but my husband is allergic – I like to watch YouTube videos of the cat Maru when I miss cat behaviors in my life.
    4. I have a rare disease. It sucks.
    5. I think your knees are fine. I almost always need a haircut.
    6. Before I got married my initials were super cool because they were a word: NV. I swore everybody did, envy, that is.
    7. I think I’m addicted to having garage sales.
    8. I was once an office assistant on Madison Avenue. I did that for years on my Saturdays – no one worked in the office all week.
    9. I use an iPad because I have to. Stupid rare disease I mentioned earlier damaged my optic nerves.
    10. I love, love, love laughing. It is awesome.

    • Nicole,
      Your reply made my day! Thank you so much. A few things:
      1. 34 years in one house? Amazing.
      2. I’m so mad at you for introducing me to Maru. Can’t stop watching.
      3. You like HAVING garage sales? That’s crazy. I tried once. It drove me crazy.

      Now get off your computer and go get a haircut.


      • Hey Abi!

        Looks like the comments really sprouted up since I was here last. This is such a fun post. I do need to do something similar. It was actually a suggestion to do something like this in a panel at BlogWorld. You are incredibly cutting edge!! 😀

  2. 1. I’m with you on wine. Except I do like champagne (the bubbles!) I like any drink that comes with an umbrella or fruit in it.

    2. We had a farm for a while as my Dad’s hobby. I wish to never touch dirt again for the rest of my life.

    3. We just inherited my mom’s dog, and it’s been fabulous having her. I would rather still have my mom, though!

    4. No major health problems, but I definitely need to lose 30 pounds.

    5. I have humongous calves – I think of them as cows.

    6. My last name is only 3 letters, but people always expect more, so it’s very confusing.

    7. I’m craft-impaired and generally don’t like shopping (no place to put what I buy).

    8. I used to work for United Airlines – loved the flight benefits!

    9. I am a constant reader, but I get my books and magazines at the library. I go to the library at least twice a week.

    10. I have the world’s funniest 13 year old son who keeps me laughing. I also have 2 daughters, but they’re not so funny. It’s actually painful to listen to my oldest try to tell a joke.

    • Camden,
      Thanks for sharing.

      #5 & #10 cracked me up.
      What is your last name? Really only 3 letters?
      I love the library too. The ereader I bought allows me to borrow ebooks from them.

      I’m learning so much from this one post. Loving it!

      • Happy Friday Abi!

        My last name is Eng, which I thought would be really easy. But people expect more, so now I say, “It’s Eng, like England, only shorter”. People still get it wrong about half the time.

        Maybe because it’s a Chinese name and I’m blonde? Who knows.

        Which e-reader did you buy that lets you borrow books? I haven’t really looked into them very much because I thought you always had to buy the books…

      • Camden,
        Eng? Ok, that’s a tough one. I can relate though. People constantly get my first name wrong, even when I spell it for them. I’d like to think it makes us memorable.
        I use a Nook ereader from Barnes & Noble. Most all of them except the Kindle use epub files, which is the file type libraries offer. Amazon/Kindle has a different file type that is exclusive to them so you have to purchase their books. If you’re interested in more info check with you library. Ours actually offers a Sony ereader for check-out now. I did most of my research online & am completely happy with my Nook. Hope that helps.

      • Abi,
        Thanks for the info on the ereaders! That’s a great idea to check with my library – I hadn’t thought to see if they offer any ereaders for checkout.

  3. Hi,
    This is such a fun post. I was inspired to write my own post and linked it to yours. I especially liked that you linked it to your ‘about you’ page. Genius!
    And your cards are delightful! I will be following your blog. Thanks for the laughter – and your other commenters are also funny. Good group.


    • Donna,
      Thank you for your kind words. Your comment was the first thing I read this morning. What a nice way to start the day! I clicked over to your blog and fell in love with Tabitha. I can tell she was resting in a ray of sunshine when you shot her pic. Cats are so funny. Thanks again for the feedback and for the link.


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