My 5 Rules For Blogging/Working From Home

by Mike LichtI am a new business owner and a new blogger. Lately I’ve noticed there are a lot of rules I have to follow. Not business rules or blogging rules, but self-imposed-in-order-to-function-in-society rules. I think every entrepreneur creates their own set. I know every WAHM working from her kitchen table does. Here’s mine.

1. Do not, under any circumstances, turn on the computer before you take a shower.
Otherwise around 9:00 pm you will hear family members begin to wonder aloud, “what IS that smell?”

2. Do not, under any circumstances, turn on the computer before you get dressed. It seems like this should be obvious if you follow rule #1. Not so. It’s too easy to believe wearing PJs all day is a work-from-home privilege. Next thing you know you’re going to the grocery store in your slippers and mowing the yard in your robe. Don’t fall into this trap.

3. Just because it’s called a laptop doesn’t mean it has to sit on your lap. I spent my first month blogging on the couch with an array of dirty cups and plates and food wrappers strewn around me. Not pretty, especially when  paired with the smell mentioned earlier. Now I work from the dining room table. I still make the same mess but it’s in a more acceptable place.

4. Do not answer business calls while driving. Not because Oprah says it’s dangerous, but because your kids are in the back seat. You know as well as I do that as soon as you press that talk button an explosion of verbal diarrhea will fly out of their mouths. Save yourself the embarrassment and let voice mail do its job.

5. Twitter/Facebook updating is not your “job”. I know it’s hard to tear yourself away but you have to do it. At least until the Betty Ford clinic opens a wing for addicts like us.

So what are your rules? And do those of you who blog from an actual, real-life office also have self-imposed rules? Are they different or similar to WAHM rules like mine? I want to know because I care. And also because I want to steal your ideas in order to become a better blogger. SITS 31 Days To Build A Better BlogHey, I’m honest.

This post was inspired by Day 25 of the SITS Girls 31 Days To Build A Better Blog. Their stuff really works. Really. Check it out.

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