Evolution Of A Business Card (This Is So Embarrassing)

I’ve been working like crazy lately trying to launch three new product lines for an upcoming feature on 20 Best Twenty. Moving forward always causes me to look back and measure the progress I’ve made. Today I found some of my original business card designs and had to giggle. So very, very sad. Take a look.

Look closely so you don’t miss these details.
1. Drop shadow on company name. Fancy, no?
2. Telltale perforated edges. Economical, no?
3. Home email address. Pitiful, no?

I can remember being so excited about this updated design. It was an improvement but considering where I started that’s not saying much.

This is the current version. There are some things I would like to change but I’m not embarrassed by it any longer. The goal is progress, not perfection. And I’ve definitely made some progress.

COMING SOON! New product lines including Do Not Keep Calm Greeting Cards, Bottle Talker Wine Tags and some sassy little gift tags that I still haven’t named. Can’t wait to share. And don’t forget to look for me on 20 Best Twenty starting August 22.

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