Going To Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago. Woot!

Social Marketing for WomenI am attending my first blog convention this Saturday. I feel like I should be nervous, but for some reason I’m not. Maybe it’s blissful ignorance. Maybe I’m such a convention virgin that I don’t even know what to be nervous about. Still, no matter how clumsy and awkward the first time is, it’s still . . . pleasurable. Right? I guess that’s my Bloggy Boot Camp mindset. As long as I have a good time it counts as a successful weekend.

Of course I didn’t reach this conclusion without giving a few things some serious thought. First and foremost, my outfit: Found a cute little top that’s unique but not freaky, neutral but not boring, cute but not tryingtoohard. Wearing it with jeans.

Second, my hair: Cut, yes. Color, no.

Third, my face: Truth is, I have awful skin. It’s the one thing about me that bothers me. I thought seriously about visiting a dermatologist before I met all you blog-goddesses in real life. Then I decided that would be robbing you of the full “meet Abi experience” so I decided against it. You’re getting the real deal. Nothing will come between us but the best concealer my money can buy.

Fourth, my blog: (Yes, I thought of my hair and outfit before my blog. Don’t act like you wouldn’t.) I was worried that my blog would seem small and pitiful compared to some. Then I realized the whole reason I’m going to a blogging convention is to learn from others. Their blogs better be better than mine or I’m getting my money back.

Finally, my social skills. I am so freakin excited to meet a bunch of new, motivated, creative, amazing ladies. And I’ll be honest, I’m not the least bit nervous about it. I love to learn about people, soak up their knowledge, and introduce them to my own crazy little world. I can’t wait to get there, settle in with a cup of coffee (or vodka tonic), and see who’s really on the other side of my monitor.

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