My Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago Story

Bloggy Boot Camp ChicagoFirst things first: I had a freakin’ blast at Bloggy Boot Camp. If you have the opportunity to go, do it. Don’t hesitate, don’t think it over, just go. I ended up with page after page of notes and inspiration but my true aha moment came early in the day when Amy Bradley-Hole said:

“People don’t buy products, they buy stories.”

This isn’t a new idea for me but it’s something that I’ve lost track of over time. Sometimes we get wrapped up in building a business and forget it’s really about the people. Almost everything else I learned ties back to that one little sentence. Here’s what I mean.

1. No matter how well you master social media, nothing compares to meeting people in real life.
I met several women this weekend that I had seen on Twitter or FB but never followed. Their profiles just didn’t “sing” to me. Now I consider them inaugural members of my tribe. Why? Because I learned their stories. In fact, one of those new relationships generated a sale on my website the very next day. (WOOT!)

2. Profiles, usernames, and avatars are the receptionists of the internet.
When you go to an appointment your first impression of the entire company is based on that one person sitting behind the reception desk. When someone logs onto Twitter your username and avatar are who’s sitting behind the desk. What kind of impression are they making? What kind of story are they telling? Are they enough to make someone view your profile or click follow?

3. Video is valuable. To everyone.
I’ve always considered video a bit too fancy-pants for my space. It seemed like something big bloggers did, not little ol’ me. Then Danielle Smith pointed out that video shows people who you really are. In other words, it tells your story. I know I’ve followed people based on a fun and genuine video. Have you?

4. The design of your blog/website/twitter page/Facebook page is part of  your story, too.
Your home tells a story to every guest who walks in the door. It only makes sense that your home page should do the same thing. More importantly, all of your home pages should – everything from your Twitter background to your blog buttons. It sounds like a major project but Renee from Studio Bold simplified the process by showing us how to create an inspiration board and turn it into a story-telling site. You’ll definitely see some of her suggestions showing up on my pages soon. 

A few other facts you should know about Bloggy Boot Camp.

1. Tiffany Romero is a domainaholic. If you ever want to buy a domain and it’s not available, call her. Chances are she owns it. The good news is she can be bought if the price is right.

2. Amy Bradley-Hole taught me not all southern belles are sugary like the sweet tea they serve.  Some are a big plate of aggressive assertive with a side of hilarious.

3. The Bloggy Boot Camp ladies are impressed by cartwheels. Brush up on your tumbling skills before attending.

10 thoughts on “My Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago Story

  1. I have to say that your post was much more PG rated! But still a great post!

    I had a lot of fun with you guys this past weekend and hope to catch up again at another BBC!

  2. It’s now on a website that I’m assertive, not aggressive. This means it must be true, forever. I will bookmark this page and show it to my husband whenever he disagrees.

  3. I love that you had such a great time – the in person connections of conferences like these are priceless. It was great to meet you…. look forward to hearing more of your story (on video) 🙂

    • You have no reason to be nervous. The SITS Girls make it all fun & no stress. I didn’t know a soul when I arrived and now I consider the ladies I met there some of my favorite people. We’re actually in the process of planning a reunion already so we can see each other again. Go with an open mind and see if you can get a group together for dinner/drinks the night before. We set it up through Twitter and it was so much fun. You’re going to love it, with or without cartwheels!

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