Amendment to My Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago Story

I tried, I really did. I tried to write a professional, G-rated post about my experience at Bloggy Boot Camp. But then my girls, my new tribe, called me out. Pictures were posted. Stories were compared. And now I realize there are a few things I need to confess mention.

  • I shared dinner and drinks with the now infamous TTL Ten.
  • I harassed an incredibly well-endowed waitress.
  • I  wore imaginary tassels. And shook them in a counter-clockwise rotation.
  • I demonstrated the finer points of the oddly stimulating Hawaiian Chair
    (it’s real, google it).
  • I danced. And shook my bootie. Maybe even spanked it in a musical fashion.
  • I offered to make a custom set of greeting cards and name them Breaver Bags.
  • I gawked shamelessly at a man with a 3 ft. braided beard.
  • I dared a new friend to floss with said beard.
  • I did a cartwheel upon winning my new Sony Bloggie.
  • I drank four glasses of yummy wine.
  • I was loud and a bit rowdy.
  • I loved every last minute of it.
  • I will do it all again next time I’m with my tribe.

13 thoughts on “Amendment to My Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago Story

    • We had so much fun! Btw, I promise I’m taking you ladies up on that free hour. Gotta get my act together first so I can ask intelligent questions. I’ll be in touch – when you least expect it.

  1. I LOVED when you cartwheeled – hysterical! Congrats and I hate you for winning the Bloggie! So good to have the chance to talk with you at breakfast and jealous that I’m not a part of your Tribe (sniff,sob). Are you taking applications for newbies?! Kisses 🙂

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