My First Video: Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago

I know today is supposed to be DIY Masterpiece Monday but my tribe has been begging me for a video so I’m breaking the rules. Below is my very first video post ever, shot on location at Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago. Before you watch here are a few things I have to mention.

1. This was shot using a brand-spanking-new Sony Bloggie Touch which I was so lucky to win at the end of my BBC day!
2. It’s rated PG. You will hear the words “breast” and “spanking” but that’s the worst of it. I promise.
3. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent. Or at least those who claim to be innocent. (Pfffttt.)

11 thoughts on “My First Video: Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago

  1. Awww! I was the opening act! 🙂 SO fun to see everyone’s faces again! So glad that you shared! That weekend was so much fun… can’t wait to share you first video with others!

  2. oh my gosh how fun! loved the video! How did you edit it? did you say that and I missed it?
    So much fun – hope you are continuing to do good things with your bloggie camera and keep on cartwheelin’ through life, girl!

    • OMG, I struggled so much with the editing – only because I had never done it before. I’m sure once you’ve done it a few times it gets easier. I installed something called VideoPad Video Editor but Danielle Smith recommended Windows Movie Maker. I couldn’t get it to download because I’m not on Vista. You might have better luck. I’m thinking about a video tutorial next! Wish me luck & thank you for commenting.

  3. I watched the video. It was super Cute! i love seeing good gals enjoying themselves in a clean place with great company at hand Great Friends/Families. If you know what I mean. Very Creative. like the blog. Good job.

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