DIY Masterpiece Monday: Pizza Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my daughter’s birthday which, as usual, made me nostalgic. Looking back through old photos I found these shots of last year’s homemade pizza cake. Do you have a baking masterpiece to share? I would love to see it.

pizza cake 1

phase 1

pizza cake 2

phase 2

pizza cake 3

final cake

4 thoughts on “DIY Masterpiece Monday: Pizza Birthday Cake

  1. We do a Cake Bake with Boyscouts and this hasn’t been done yet – I love this! Last year we did a Jake the Snake cake which I think is in my labels if not look under “why i don’t bake” and you should find it…

    • It was really simple. The sauce is colored frosting, ferrero rocher candies cut in half for beef, squished gumdrops cut with circle cutter for onion, swedish fish for anchovies & cut gumdrops for green peppers. Oh yeah, the best part, grated white chocolate for cheese. Checking out your Jake the Snake now.

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