Best Example Of Marketing To Moms

I was walking through a new grocery store yesterday and discovered the best example of marketing to moms I’ve ever seen. Ever.

marketing to moms

This big orange display stopped me in my tracks. VODKA COUPONS, aka the Laughing Abi Promise Land! Then I realized where I was. Look closely – some genius set up those coupons directly in front of the baby food, diaper, and formula aisle. A look around the corner revealed more genius.

marketing to moms

This store was actually designed so the liquor department and the baby supply aisle were nestled together like a newborn’s butt in a freshly changed diaper. Are all grocery stores like this and I’ve just never noticed? Or is this truly an amazing example of marketing to moms? Go to your grocery store now and look. Tell me what you find. And don’t forget to grab a bottle or two while you’re there. Cheers.

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