Santa Claus & the Bearded Dragon: I Believe

bearded dragon

This was the conversation between me and my 8-year-old daughter right before Halloween:

Her: I want a lizard for Christmas.
Me: Um, no.
Her: Please mommy.
Me: No. No way. No way in H-E-L-L.
Her: Why?
Me: Because they’re yucky and icky. And because I said so.
Her: Fine, I’ll ask Santa for one.
Me: Santa doesn’t bring gifts mom and dad haven’t approved.
Her: You don’t know about Santa or lizards mom. I’m asking him for one!

Now repeat this conversation each and every day for the next month or so, which puts us somewhere in late November. I’m at a neighbor’s house (a neighbor who knows nothing of the convo between daughter & me) for a fund-raiser/party when she pulls me aside to show me this “crazy new thing” she has. I follow her into the next room and find myself face to face with a large, scaly, beady-eyed bearded dragon lizard.

Neighbor: It’s not mine. A friend found it abandoned in one of his rental properties and couldn’t leave it there to die so he brought it here. I don’t know what to do with it. If you know anyone who wants or needs a lizard, let me know.
Me: (Insert stunned silence here.)

Folks, I’m not a religious person but I think my little girl must have been praying every single night for Santa to bring her a lizard. Praying hard. And since I’m too smart to spit in the face of divine reptilian intervention, Santa brought a bearded dragon to our house on Christmas morning. Her name is Elizabeth, Lizzy for short, and it took about a day for her to melt my heart. I’m not ashamed to admit I was wrong – she’s not icky or yucky. I love her. When I pet her I’m reminded that Christmas is a magical season, that you’re never too old to believe in Santa, and that my youngest daughter is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

bearded dragon

Just a reminder that April 1 kicks off the A-Z Blog Challenge. Check back to see 26 days of DIY/Before & After posts!


4 thoughts on “Santa Claus & the Bearded Dragon: I Believe

  1. Hey! I hopped over here from the A to Z Challenge, and was so excited to see your bearded dragon. We have one too. They have such unique personalities – something I never would have thought for a lizard. Ours hides her head under things, and I can’t help but think of when little kids do that and think we can’t see them. Anyway, enjoy her!

    Have fun with the challenge. I’m looking forward to your DIY pics.

    Christine @ Coffee in the Garden

    • Hi Christine. So glad to hear you say that about your beardie. All my friends think I’m crazy when I talk about her “personality” and how sweet she is. Ours likes to nuzzle her nose against things when she goes to sleep at night. Sometimes it looks like she’s put herself in the corner for being a bad lizard!

      Gotta go post my A for today, which happens to be the Aquarium Stand where the beardie lives! Thanks for stopping by!

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