G is for Girly Stuff Holder: A-Z Blog Challenge

We’ve all used these clear, vinyl shoe organizers to store things other than shoes. In my house they hold Barbies, gloves, hats, and dress socks.

girly stuff holder

When I wanted a smaller, cuter version to hold my girls’ lotions and potions I decided to “make” my own. Here’s what I did.

 girly stuff holder girly stuff holder

1. Starting with an organizer like the one pictured at the top, I cut off the size/number of sections I needed.
2.  I picked out six coordinating fabric scraps and cut them slightly larger than the individual pocket sections.
3. Using white thread so my stitching wouldn’t show, I sewed a piece of fabric onto the BACK of each organizer section. (The back won’t be pretty when you’re done but it’s not going to show, so don’t worry.)
4. Lastly, I created something similar to the tab-tops on curtains and sewed them to the top of the whole thing. A grommet in each one makes it easy to hang.

That’s it! I used those sticky 3M hooks to hang them on the side of my girls’ dressers. The best part is, because the fabric is on the back of the piece, any lotion or hairspray spills can easily be cleaned up. Organizing things always makes me so happy. What unique ways do you use everyday products to keep things in order?

This post is number 7 in a series of 26 inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Click over and see all the amazing bloggers working their way through the alphabet in April.

2 thoughts on “G is for Girly Stuff Holder: A-Z Blog Challenge

  1. Cute idea! I love the coordinating fabrics you chose. I’m always reusing items for storage . . . empty Altoid tins to hold tiny beads, coffee mugs stuffed full of pens, baskets for magazines . . . and that’s just what I can see from the computer here. 🙂

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