L is for Litter Box (Yes, Litter Box): A-Z Blog Challenge

We have two cats, one for each daughter. It wasn’t until we brought them home that I realized there were only two uncarpeted places to put the litter box.

1. Next to the front door – After all, nothing says “Welcome to our home” like the warm aroma of cat urine.
2. In the kitchen – As a general rule I like to minimize any confusion between the smell of my cooking and the smell of cat poo.

Since I couldn’t talk the Hubs into tearing up all the carpet and installing hardwood floors, we came up with this kitty cat outhouse. It’s located in our garage with a kitty door leading in and out of the house. We also included a hinged gate on the side so when it’s time for poo scooping you can open the gate, slide the litter box out, scoop, and return everything back to its place.

L is for Litter Box

L is for Litter Box

L is for Litter Box

L is for Litter Box

Hubs built the frame out of scrap lumber then I wrapped the whole thing in chicken wire. It’s attached to the garage wall with simple hook lock thingys like you see on the door. We had to install a little shelf so the kitties wouldn’t fall and break a leg every time they had to pee. And we also placed some scrap MDF boards over the top so we could store things there. (Yes that is a patched hole under the shelf where I cut the drywall in the wrong place.)

Inside, the kitty door fits discreetly between the front entry and the staircase. Most people don’t ever notice it. More importantly, they don’t notice the smell of two very healthy, very regular kitty cats living there.

L is for Litter Box

L is for Litter Box

Do you have a clever way of storing pet supplies? Or a special place for your pet to sleep or play?

This post is number 12 in a series of 26 inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Click over and see all the amazing bloggers working their way through the alphabet in April.

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