M is for Memo Board: A-Z Blog Challenge

I find these memo boards all the time at stores like Target, Kohl’s or Bed Bath & Beyond.

memo board

Unfortunately, they never seem to be the right color or size for my space. So I decided to make my own. I wish I could say I have a tutorial to share but I made them long, long ago, before I even knew what a blog was. I can tell you I used a painter’s canvas for the board and a piece of remnant fleece for the padding. (I’m posting pics of two different boards I made – one for each kid.)

memo board

memo board

My favorite part of the project is the decorative brads I found at the scrapbooking store. They made the project much easier and much cuter.

memo board

memo board

memo board

Again, my apologies for the lack of instructions. I need to recover both of these boards because my daughters’ tastes have changed so much since I originally made them. I promise to take lots of pics and post a tutorial then. Promise.

This post is number 13 in a series of 26 inspired by the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Click over and see all the amazing bloggers working their way through the alphabet in April.

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