My dryer has balls.

Maybe it’s spring fever. Or it could be my OCD (obsessive creative disorder) rearing its pretty head again. Whatever the case, I have been on a cleaning/organizing/creating rampage lately. I’m reorganizing closets, making my own cleaning products, and labeling anything that doesn’t move. Which means I have lots to share. Here we go.

My first project started as a WTF?! moment. I was on Pinterest drooling over people’s beautifully organized laundry rooms when I saw a picture of these.

felted wool dryer ballsThey were nestled neatly in a glass jar labeled “dryer balls”.


Google to the rescue. Turns out they are made from felted wool and are a natural alternative to dryer sheets that:
* shorten drying time
* naturally soften clothing
* contain no chemicals
* can last up to eight years

HOW? (this information is directly from Funhog Felts)
Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners coat the fibers of your clothing. This coating inhibits the fibers ability to breath and absorb causing a longer drying time. This coating contains chemicals that are linked to a variety of possible health problems for you and your family. Felted dryer balls on the other hand contain no chemicals. They rely instead on the creation of loft in the dryer which allows heat to distribute more evenly, thus reducing drying time, reducing the use of landfills, reducing your electricity costs and reducing the size of your carbon footprint.

The best part? You can make them yourself! WOOT! I made two sets and I love how they work. If you’re not a DIYer there are plenty of places you can order them online. If you wanna try making your own I’ll be posting a tutorial soon so be sure to check back. Can’t wait to share.

What kind of “green” or money saving tricks do you use in the laundry room?

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