Felted Dryer Ball Tutorial

A couple days ago I wrote about my dryer’s balls. Click HERE to see them and what they’re all about. I promised a tutorial and today I deliver. Gotta give credit where it’s due, Crunchy Betty inspired and helped me along the way. Ready? Let’s make balls.

100% wool sweater
wool roving
panty hose


100% wool sweater

100% wool sweater (Garage sale score)

cut into strips

Cut into strips.

sweater strips rolled into ball

Roll each strip into a tight ball, slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

wool roving package

Wool roving in package (From Jo-Ann’s)

wool roving

This is how it looks when you take it out of the package.

wool roving around ball

Wrap wool roving tightly around sweater ball until it’s about the size of a tennis ball.

dryer balls in hose

Stuff balls in hose, tie knots between each one. Wash in HOT and dry on HIGH.

balls after hot wash & dry

This is how they look after one wash and dry. (Yep, hairy balls.) I recommend removing them from the hose, stuffing them in a fresh pair, and putting them through a second wash and dry.

felted dryer balls

Remove them from the hose and they’re done!

Once they’re finished just put them in the dryer with your clothes. That’s it. You need to use 5-8 in each load or they won’t work. One or two won’t cut it.

Do you use dryer balls? Did you make your own or buy them somewhere? Do they work for you?

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