Witch’s potion Halloween decorations

My house has a teeny, tiny entry space so decorating is always a challenge. This year I tried something new and I LOVE IT. The best part is I spent $0.00. Check me out.

potion chalkboard

potions bar

wool of bat

potions collage

Here’s a quick breakdown in case you wanna make your own.

1. Chalkboard & table: These are permanent fixtures in the space. They get updated every few weeks, depending on what’s happening around here. (FYI – both items were garage sale finds.) The quote was inspired by Shannon over at Madigan Made¬†http://www.madiganmade.com/2010/10/october-new-month-new-scary-quote.html
2. Books: Those are real books that I pulled off my shelf and covered in paper. The graphics are just bits of clipart that I found online and pieced together.
3. Jars: The little jars were part of my existing Halloween decorations. The bigger ones were storing various things around the house. I dumped them out and repurposed them for the holiday.
4. Eyeballs: Again, part of my existing decorations. Me and my kids made them from clay several years ago but a friend told me she found eyeballs at the dollar store this year.
5. Jar labels: Free clipart, it’s a beautiful thing. I left some links for you at the end of this post.
6. Fabric: I had an unopened package of cheese cloth in my craft stash. I have no idea why. I soaked it in coffee for an hour or so to give it a little age and voila!
7. Jar contents: The bat wool is pillow stuffing with a few shots of brown spray paint. The eye of newt concentrate is water and neon food coloring. The petrified butterflies are some landscaping materials left over from a summer project.

I think that’s everything. I hope this inspires you to shop your house and try something new and creative this year. Happy Halloween!

Here are the free labels I promised.





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